Working papers

Works in progress

  • Stocking up or Putting off? Intertemporal Substitution versus Procrastination in Transitory Health Spending, joint with Margaret Samahita
  • Local Labour Market Concentration and the Firm-size/Concentration Puzzle in Ireland, joint with Lucy Liu and Zuzanna Studnicka
  • Returns to Value-Added in Teamwork: Application to Economics Research (draft coming soon)
  • Gender and Collaborative Strategies: Evidence from Professional Tennis, joint with K. Peren Arin
  • Asymmetries and Nonlinearities in Firm Level Responses to Fiscal Shocks, joint with K. Peren Arin and Mieszko Mazur
  • Additive and Interactive Fixed Effects in Non-partite Networks, joint with Aloysius Siow
  • Paternity Certainty and Early Childhood Investment: Application to the Semi-monogamous Bari People
  • Additive and Interactive Fixed Effects in Bipartite Networks: Application to Student-Teacher Matching, joint with Michael Gilraine